Establishing recurring opportunities for artists and curators, with intellectual and financial support, enabling critical networks

CULTIVATE is a professional development program organized by in-tangible institute and Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC) for curators / arts managers targeting current staff of art entities and freelance operators in Southeast Asia. CULTIVATE brings world-renowned faculty to Bangkok to develop 18 select arts professionals with skills and networks to distinguish themselves and their affiliates as leading facilitators of contemporary art in the region.



This recurring program provides emerging curators and artists in South East Asia the opportunity to co-produce and collaborate, to mutually benefit from this region’s private arts infrastructure – platforms recognizing the value of sharing (pollinating) their critical ideas and activities.

This award recognizes artists whose practices have not only produced critical experiments in their studio, but have also contributed to their social landscape – demonstrating that art today is of an interdisciplinary nature and that in the 21st Century our cultural voices matter in ways and means that are urgent unlike ever before.