Become a Curatorial Fellow

19 march 2023

Are you keen to develop your skills in how to work with artists?

Are you interested in better negotiating with galleries and museums?

Are you interested in understanding how curators contribute to the sustainability of cultural memory?

An opportunity to deepen the skills of curating via mentorship with curator and writer, Zoe Butt. Organized by in-tangible institute, in collaboration with MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum, Chiang Mai


What does it mean to be a ‘Curatorial Fellow’?

A ‘fellow’ forms part of a ‘Fellowship’, a program which offers the opportunity to research, under the guidance of someone with expertise in a particular field. This Fellowship offers curatorial mentorship and friendship, in the spirit of building healthier and sustainable relationships between artists, curators and its supporters (ie. its galleries, museums, universities and other private entrepreneurial initiatives)

In-tangible institute, in collaboration with MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum, is offering a 2-year part-time Fellowship (1 June 2023 – 1 June 2025), for an aspiring Thai curator. During this Fellowship, you will assist/contribute in the development and realization of a group exhibition for MAIIAM. Learning the necessary skills of enquiry in research, writing and facilitation of a collection-based exhibition (which will include the loan of key artworks), this Fellow will also assist/contribute in the conceiving and delivery of a public program engaging the key questions raised within this group exhibition.

This Fellowship offers THB15,000 per month, requiring 20 hours per week of in-person contact, in Chiang Mai, working with flexibility between MAIIAM, community libraries, artist studios, and the office of in-tangible institute.

This Fellowship is mentored by Zoe Butt (Founder/Director of in-tangible institute).

Criteria of eligibility:

  • Proficient in spoken and written English
  • Living in Chiang Mai (or able to be in Chiang Mai for this period)
  • Undergraduate degree in the Arts (any field)
  • Desire to work in the art and cultural industry of contemporary art
  • Awareness of the Thai contemporary art scene (eg. you attend the events of your local art community)

Process of application (applications close 21 April, 2023):

Please provide your:

  • CV
  • Written statement sharing why you want to do this Fellowship (word limit: 600 words)
  • Please include any samples of writing, or relevant visual evidence of past projects realized (preferred but not mandatory)
  • Email the above to: [email protected]

Applicable applicants will be interviewed for assessment.

Why has this Fellowship been created?

Across the vibrant region of Southeast Asia and its uneven arts infrastructure, there are many contemporary artists seeking to better understand how to build healthy and mutually constructive relationships with curators, towards the co-delivery of unique ambitious projects. In this region there is also an increasing number of private and public initiatives/organizations seeking to establish and sustain cultural spaces (museums, galleries, foundations, art centres) but they struggle to locate experienced, networked curators with expertise. The ‘in-tangible Fellowship’ seeks to try and slowly address this gap, by providing hands-on, one-on-one mentored experience, in the research and delivery of exhibitions and its associated public programs, with and for key partners, across Southeast Asia.

The inaugural Fellow (June 2023 – June 2025) is made possible by the MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum, Chiang Mai.